Friday, April 8, 2016

It has been such a blessing to study through the book of Daniel with other faithful sisters in Christ! I am encouraged by how they love Christ so clearly and live life in such a way that brings praise to His name-- much like Daniel did in Babylon! Through this study, God has revealed truth through His Word. We know how it will end, with Christ victorious! The battle isn't even close, as He will ultimately reign supreme and all creation will acknowledge who God is.

In this study, we also learned some chapter rhymes! I thought it would nice to write the rhymes down and frame it for the other sisters so that they could look back and remember what we learned. So I put some ink on paper and many (many) drafts later, it all came together! ♥

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  1. dannnggg, gurl!

    so glad to hear bible study has been a rich time [: