Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Head down, look straight ahead. Earbuds in, volume off. Walk quickly, but with purpose. Don't make eye contact unless you need to. Look behind you every few blocks, make sure you're not being followed. Don't be obvious.

It's not nighttime. You're not in a known drug zone, or the sketchy part of town.

This is simply how many women steel themselves when walking down a city street in broad daylight, or even when boarding crowded public transportation. Why? Because many women, regardless of age, weight, or appearance, say they've heard something along the lines of 'Hey baby, you want some of this?' or 'I like what I see' or 'nice ass.'

All of those statements are sexual harassment. And while some men might consider them compliments, to many women, they are a threat." - E. Smoth, CNN

Word. Praise God for each day I make it home safely from my commute!

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