Monday, December 19, 2016

Over the weekend, it was off to Marché Moderne-- a modern French bistro. The appetizers were the stars of the night, overshadowing the entrees.

ROASTED WILD SPANISH OCTOPUS; Chorizo Emulsion, Celery, Potatoes, Chorizo, Lemon, Huile D’olive.
CHARCUTERIE; La Quercia Prosciutto, Calabrian Style Nduja, Saucisson Sec, Palacio Chorizo, Coppa Cornichon Mustard Cream Baguette.

STEAK TARTARE (A La Francaise); Angus Filet 4 oz., Farm Egg, Pommes Frites, Mustard Cream, All Condiments, Baguette.
fromage d'artisan - cheese; RLM FOURME AUX MOELLEUX, Rodolphe Le Meunier Selection (Auvergne France) – blue cheese, cow’s milk; bent river, Alemar Cheese Company (Mankato, MN) – The best Camembert style cheese in the US, released at five weeks; CAMEMBERT JOUVENCE FERMIER, (France) - produces excellent soft-ripened cheeses. Pasteurized cow’s milk, 160 cows, milky and mushroomy with a bit of grassy notes; ETIVAZ AOP, (Etivaz, Switzerland) - herbal, fruity with a distinctive nutty smokiness.

6 oz. of roasted venison; Truffle Red Wine Sauce Perigoudine, Smoked Sea Salt, Dried Apricot & Almond Mostarda / Sunchoke Roti.

lamb shank;

EVERYTHING COQ AU VIN with prime boneless short ribs; Potato La Ratte En Purée Facon Robuchon, Champignon De Paris En Persillade.

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