Tuesday, July 21, 2015

After a lengthy hiatus due to the salmonella outbreak, I jumped back in and celebrated with AYCE sushi at Sushi Mon. It was delicious and even better than I remember! There were so many things to try from uni (yuck!) to yellowtail collar (so good!) to everything in between. And thanks for ordering off the specials because I tried some interesting sushi and discovered a new love for salmon belly. Here's a look at some of the dishes we tried; the rest we devoured as soon as they hit the table.

surf clam with lemon

salmon and young yellowtail

shrimp and vegetable tempura and assorted sashimi

super white tuna and hotate

young yellowtail and yuzu tobiko

hotate, salmon belly, unagi, young yellowtail, and tuna

vegetable tempura

green tea crème brûlée, strawberry mochi ice cream, mango mochi ice cream, lychee sherbert, and green tea ice cream

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