Monday, June 22, 2015

I love beautiful gift tags-- whether you buy it from the store or make your own. It's so simple to make your own gift tags using your favorite patterns!

You really can use any kind of paper, but I like to use 6"x6" scrapbook paper pads. These pads come in all sorts of designs and are often thicker than regular paper. You can get a 36 sheet pack for $3-$6 at your local art store, so it's pretty inexpensive.

Then I just cut the paper into 2" strips and then cut those strips in half. So each tag should be 2"x3".

Next, just cut off the edges of the tags so that the tags are narrower at the top.

Hole punch the tags somewhere in the middle and you've got yourself some pretty neat gift tags! It took less than five minutes to make over fifty tags. Just remember that if you're planning to write a message on the tags, pick a pattern that isn't too dark or too busy. Enjoy!

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