Tuesday, November 25, 2014

During my visit to Bali, I stayed at a hotel on the beach. I could see the ocean from my room, the swimming pools, and even the breakfast table. And naturally, the close proximity to the beach made for many days out in the sun and sand. In the mornings, I went out to explore the low tide. I was a bit reluctant to bring my camera around salt water, but after seeing so many interesting creatures, I just had to. My favorite sighting was an octopus, deep in the water!

There were hundreds of these skinny black starfish all over the beach-- in the ocean, on land, dried up on the sand. These tiny creatures freaked me out the most!

Some days, I could walk out to pretty far to where the buoys sat on the sand. The sand on the beach had lots of shells and sharp rocks, but the sand in the ocean was pretty smooth.

There were all sorts of interesting vegetation, most of which were further out in the ocean.

And there was an abundance of crabs. I was amazed how fast these crabs moved in the water and on the sand. Plus, they can camouflage in an instant!

My sister also found this red starfish with seven legs and it was bigger than my face! The day before, I had spotted a gigantic red starfish with yellow spots but didn't have my camera with me. So it was very cool to see another type of starfish besides the little black ones.

I definitely had the most fun in the mornings-- walking around boats, getting knee deep with schools of fish around me, and soaking up the fiery sun. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are a must! The wonderful thing about being so close to the equator is that the waters are warm and inviting.

And this creature was fascinating-- it reminded me of a really long caterpillar. A bit scary, but cool to watch.

There were so many times I picked up large seashells only to find that they housed snails and hermit crabs. These are three snails, all with different sized shells.

The sun rises there around 5:45 am, so I went out early one morning to catch a glimpse of it. And it was worth it to see the sky painted with orange and purple hues. Over and over again on this trip, I was reminded of God's creativity and beauty-- ohh the colors and sights He fills the world with! ♥

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