Thursday, October 16, 2014

During last month's visit to Ikea, my sister suggested that we buy fabric to make curtains. I suggested that we simply hang shower curtains instead.

But once we took a look at the fabrics, I knew that she was right. Plus, the windows at home are custom sized so it made more sense to make curtains that actually fit.

This beautiful fabric was on sale and the colors were perfect for the walls. It was also light enough to give the room a lift.

We calculated that five yards of fabric would be enough to make curtains for three windows.

And so we measured it, cut it, bought it, and brought it back. And if it were left to me, the fabric would still be in its bag, untouched.

Thankfully, my sister is such a creative genius and came up with a plan. We measured the fabric, and cut out three identical panels.

After accounting for the extra fabric for the hems, we cut off the excess.

Next, we ironed down the hems twice-- to make double fold hems. Even though it was our first time making curtains, I was impressed at my sister's attention to detail.

We pinned the hems so that there would be no raw edges,

And started sewing. I'm quite a beginner when it comes to sewing, but my sister showed me the ropes.

After that, I was sewing straight lines.

The whole project took a couple of hours, but it was definitely worth it. Now my room has lovely handmade curtains. Total cost (fabric and rods) came out to $30 for all three curtains. ♥

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