Saturday, September 27, 2014

Earlier this month, one of my brothers shared a book with me-- "Radical" by David Platt. It was a hard read, as it challenged me in so many ways. Yet it was full of so much truth that I couldn't get it off my mind for weeks. This topic of "taking back your faith from the American dream", of living a life worthy of the calling. There's so much more to it, so I encourage you to read it. For the next year, I will take on the radical experiment: to pray for the entire world, to read through the entire word, to commit our lives to multiplying community, to sacrifice our money for a specific purpose, and to give our time in another context. And I trust that throughout the year, God will be glorified all the more.

Around the same time, I also picked up "Strange Fire" by John MacArthur after a conversation with a friend where we amicably disagreed about how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of believers. Though I wish one visit to the healing service at my friend's church would miraculously heal me, I don't believe that God would choose to be glorified through strange mutterings, loud shrieks, and fainting spells. It reminded me of the story in Leviticus 10:1-3 where Aaron's sons offered strange fire before the Lord. And look at what happened to them-- it's no laughing matter.

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